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we are passionate software professionals put on this earth to make better mobile software


We like to think of ourselves as a product management team for hire. We can take a recently hatched idea, run through a requirements gathering phase, UX development and rapidly design and develop a full-fledged application. We bring our deep product management experience to every project.

We believe that application development should be fast and iterative. We put a prototype in your hands as soon as possible and iterate based on your feedback.


We start with the audience... the users. Who is going to comprise the primary user base for your application? We create several user personas that represent the range of typical users.
User Stories


Once we know who the users are, we create stories around the common use scenarios - what the user needs to be able to do with the app and why. Each story helps elucidate the bigger picture of what the application does.


Once we know who the users are and what they want to do, we sketch the flow of the application. We do this using wireframes - simple sketches of each screen and its primary functions. What you get is a clear, visual representation of how the application works prior to any code being written.


Then we design custom graphics and user interfaces based on your preferences to give the app pop. Now, its starting to really take shape and we are ready for implementation.


After the requirements and design phases, we get down to business and start cranking out beautiful code. By knowing most of the requirements up front, we can quickly develop a prototype that you can start playing with. After a few cycles of feedback and product iteration you have what you want... and what your users need.





Spark+ is where friends come together to spark conversations and shop!

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The Ubokia App for the iPhone gives shoppers the ability to get exactly what they are looking for - on their terms.

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Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs

The Vascular Videos app is a tool to assist U.S. health care providers in educating their patients about vascular health and interventional procedures.

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Disney - TRON LEGACY Edition


Disney Second Screen: TRON Legacy Edition is your interactive companion experience to the Grid. Explore and zoom in and out of over 1,400 gallery images, peel back the layers of f/x in progression reels, view turnarounds of your favorite vehicles, and more, all at your fingertips.

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Josh Mooney

Josh Mooney

Josh has been developing products for his entire professional life. Whether its software - mobile and web applications, or hardware - lighting controls for commercial buildings... he has brought his passion for building things and his entrepreneurial know-how to each product. Josh has a particular passion for intuitive software. He sees the mobile platform's potential and even thinks it may save the world one day. In college Josh studied ecology and hopes to use his software development skills to help scientists gather data from a broader population.

Josh spends his evenings and weekends building things for and with his two young children - swings, sandboxes, medieval ships, hello kitty mailboxes... He also enjoys camping on weekends with his wife and children in the VW camper fan. Josh loves birdwatching and backcountry skiing and has been known to combine these activities to the consternation of his skiing buddies.

Mitch Roider

Mitch Roider

Mitch has been building mobile software for a wide range of clients since the dawn of... well, mobile software. From startups to Fortune 100 firms, Mitch was key to architecting solutions for Abbott Labs' Mobile Education Initiative and Disney's "Second Screen" technology. Beyond that, Mitch has overseen application architecture for startups in the audio-visual space, e-commerce, and legal markets. Mitch previously served as a key architect of enterprise-level solutions for Livescribe, Apple, and WorldCom.

Outside of work, Mitch enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two kids, and especially enjoys their regular movie and game nights. He is a movie buff of the highest order. He is always on the hunt for tech to continue building his mini computer museum, and is passionate about sustainable development and environmental protection efforts.


Phone: (415) 763-5522 or (925) 819-0389